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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 11, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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make sure you follow us on twitter. and go to greta put an open thread you can tell me what you think about the group wanting to protest that 9-year-old's funeral. go to greta and keep it here on fox news channel. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington, d.c.. and we'll see you moments from from now on greta wire. won't say it. that's fox to the sec. right, bill? >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> the hard right is deliberately fueling the fire against public officials. >> bill: the sheriff of pima county, arizona where the shooting took place is upping his political rhetoric. what is wrong with this man? we will have analysis. >> there is no one to blame except the person behind the gun. >> when i was growing up, people whipping folks up caused a lot of people to get lynched.
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>> bill: the arizona atrocity is being debated all across the country including on "the view." elisabeth hasselbeck will be here. >> started shooting. >> i do believe gabby gifford is dead. >> bill: john stossel says the country does not need new laws to protect elected officials. >> there are multiple people shot. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. when law enforcement goes political. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the sheriff of pima county clarence dupnik not only a law enforcement agent, is he a left-wing activist. mr. dupnik who has served pima county for more than 30 years has now ignited a national discussion about whether
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political rhetoric may have motivated the killer jared loughner. sheriff dupnik believes right wing rhetoric contributed to the murders. although he admitted to megyn kelly on sunday he has absolutely no evidence to back that up. even so he dupnik continues his campaign. >> it's my belief that the hard right is -- is deliberately fueling the fire against public officials, elected officials, government, and the administration because because they think that in some way and maybe they are right, it benefits them in the election process. >> bill: so why would the sheriff say that? well, one look at his resume provides the answer. when the tough illegal alien law was passed in arizona last year, here is how sheriff dupnik handled it. >> the pima county sheriff says he has no intention of enforcing the new immigration law.
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clarence dupnik calls it racist, disgusting, and unnecessary. on you're side is immigration watch. >> i think the law is one of the worst pieces of legislation i have ever seen in 50 years. >> pima county sheriff clarence dupnik says he will not enforce the new immigration law. >> if the constitutionality of this law is held up, what do you do? do you enforce it? >> no. because we're going to keep doing what we have been doing all along. we don't need this law. >> bill: so who is we, sheriff? certainly not the arizona legislature which passed the law. certainly not the people of arizona, 70% of whom support the law. i guess we, sheriff dupnik, is you and your liberal pals. so here's the clue. as a sworn officer of the law, you have a duty to uphold it by saying you would not, you have violated your oath. talking points is not in business to put sheriff dupnik out of business.
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if the good people of pima county like him that's fine with me. let's be honest he is an idealogue. he with many far left pundits is using the murder of six people to make political points with all due respect, i would never never vote for a person like that for anything. again, as an american, clarence dupnik is entitled to hold any opinion he wants, but as a law enforcement officer he has a responsibility to all the citizens. sheriff dupnik has turned a horrific murder case into a political circus. who does that serve, sheriff? what good does that do? you have made a terrible mistake, no question about it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in another arizona sheriff sheriff arpaio from maricopa county which is adjacent to pima county. how do you see this, sheriff? >> it's tough to criticize a fellow sheriff, but i think he should have been careful not making comments for that perpetrator who probably will use some of his comments to
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defend himself. but, you know, he is the sheriff. he does what he wants to do. i hope that he doesn't go after me personally because if he does, then i'm going to fight back and show how political this whole situation is. i am trying to stay away from politics, not lower myself to his level. but we have to understand, i believe politics is driving these comments and maybe driving the u.s. justice department since they have been investigating me for two years for doing my job, arresting illegal aliens so that's sad. having served 30 years with the u.s. government as a top law enforcement official. so, it's a tough situation for that sheriff. and i don't agree with his rhetoric and blaming the people of arizona. i presume some elected officials for doing the right thing and
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enforcing the law. >> bill: all right. i don't know if he is blaming the people of arizona for the murders, but this is what is interesting to me. maricopa county and pima counties are adjacent counties. big counties. you and dupnik are total opposite in every way. explain to the people who don't live in arizona how you can get elected and how he can get elected when you are so far apart? >> well, i think you have to ask the voters that. >> bill: you must know though. you must know. >> well, i don't know about pima county. of course, when i go down there, they demonstrate against me all the time. i don't know -- i'm concerned about maricopa county. so i can't answer that how he gets reelected. i have known him for many, many, many years. >> bill: has he always been this left wing? has he always injected politics into criminal cases? >> well, quite frankly, bill, i haven't associated with him that much. i'm paying attention to maricopa
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county. so i can't answer that. but he has a lot of law enforcement experience. and i'm surprised standing next to the fbi director making these comments doing a very vicious situation that occurred. but he did. he has to stand by it. >> bill: he is saying though, and this touches you personally, that the right wing rhetoric, he believes, somehow responsible for the shooting of the congressman and the murders of six other people. you are a conservative guy, right winger. you, i understand, are threatened all day long, i guess, by left wingers. is that wrong wrong? >> well, i think it is. i'm not going to get into all my threats. i have demonstrators today. everywhere i go from new hampshire to california. they are following me around. and i have elected officials blasting me. i hate to say, this but all the people that going after me happen to have a d after their
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name. i don't know if this is politics or not. >> bill: all right. but you have death threats against you. we know that you have death threats against you, correct? >> well, yeah. i hate to say that but a lot of death threats and so on. but that's the nature of my job. i'm not going to -- >> bill: you, a conservative sheriff, death threats against you. has sheriff dupnik ever said hey, leave sheriff arpaio alone, you left wingers? has he ever said that? >> now, wait a minute, i was down in tucson when one of his top pima county officials had 300 demonstrators cut my head off in the piñata and showed it to all the kids. that was a year ago. >> bill: was dupnik behind that? was he behind that? >> i don't know. i didn't see anybody -- he called me and asked, you know, said if he could help me. i didn't see any deputies there. i didn't see any repercussions
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other than i'm the bad guy. giving giving a speech down there. >> bill: dupnik goes out and says right-wing rhetoric may have contributed to this terrible tragedy, terrible atrocity in arizona. has dupnik ever said, as far as you know, that the death threats against sheriff arpaio are wrong and left wing rhetoric may be contributing to them? has he ever said that? have you ever heard that? >> no. i never heard that. no. of course that hasn't happened. >> bill: get my point across here. it looks like selective outrage from sheriff dupnik. looks like it's selective to me. >> well, you know, once again, i have a job to do, bill. and i'm going to tell you one thing, i'm not going to back down. i'm going to continue to do more they can put that in their pipe and smoke it. >> bill: all right, sheriff. stay safe. we appreciate you taking the time tonight. >> okay. >> bill: next up alicia menendez will react to the controversy.
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john stossel says politicians don't need new laws to protect vço?ñów@ íé=oúç;k
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, politicizing the mass murder in arizona. we continue our reporting. joining us now from washington, democrat alicia menendez in for alan colmes this evening. here in the studio dr. monica
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crowley. the two points i was trying to make and i think i made them were that politics and law enforcement shouldn't mix, all right? the man has a job to do. he is actually not a prosecuting. it's a federal case. as arpaio pointed out the defense could use some of his statements trying to defend this psychopath. the second thing is he selective. arpaio is getting death threats all day long. i am. i haven't heard dupnik saying anything about that. and you say? >> yeah. he has got two jobs to do as the sheriff of pima county. one is dispassionately collect evidence and facts with regard to any case, this one included. the second part of his job is to enforce the law. if he wants to be a political pundit, quit being a sheriff and go be a pundit. he has absolutely no place. he has no position. this is so beyond the scope of his job description to go out there in public and start prejudging the facts, putting his own political spin on what he thinks may have occurred. >> bill: to that extent. i have never seen a law enforcement person do that as
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blatantly as the sheriff has done it. so what do you think. >> i have said from the beginning that i don't think there is any role for politics in. this when we start having this left-right discussion. it cuts people out of what is a very important conversation. so i don't like the turn he has made on this. but he does have a right to an opinion. he is the only one among us who is on the ground in arizona. and so i think his perspective in that regard is worthwhile. >> bill: you can't back up your perspective as he couldn't with megyn kelly because megyn said what do you have to back up your assertion that right wing rhetoric may have inflamed this killer he said well i don't have anything, that's my opinion. come on, you are responsible. >> bill, i agree with you. let's also just be realistic and connect the dots. we had the assassination of a federal government official. >> bill: yeah. >> we have a branch of the republican party that is extremely against the federal government, that's extremely against anyone who works for the federal government. and while that is not
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responsible, we have to contextualize what has happened in the scope of our national conversation. that is for sure a fringe part of it. >> yeah. but that's not his job to do. okay? >> i have no argument about that. >> in fact, it's nobody's job to do, especially in the early stages of an investigation like this. this guy is supposed to be one of the main law enforcement guys leading the investigation on this? and he is out there in public shooting his mouth, prejudging facts, when he has no evidence. he has got nothing to back it up. i think it's completely outrageous and, by the way, he has got a stand for re-election. the people of pima county will judge him based on this. he might lose re-election for sheriff. >> bill: we will see. what about the selective indignation of the sheriff, alicia. arpaio has death threats all day long and they are not coming from the tea party. the tea party is not gunning for arpaio. sarah palin, glenn beck, and me not giving him a hard time.
11:16 pm
we know where it's coming from. dupnik doesn't say anything about it. it makes me queazy. if you are going to condemn this kind of rhetoric, do it on all fronts. don't single out the right wing. >> what he was trying to do was draw a connection between this aim at the federal government, at an assassination of a federally elected official. and that rhetoric. i mean, that's where the connection lies. and the bottom line is. there was action here. that's what makes it scary. you and i know there is a big twirches between a detective and someone actually acting on it and we all, because we have a public platform, we get this nonsense all the time. but this is different. >> bill: look, look, look. there is no connection between the tea party or any other right wing group. >> i didn't say anything about the tea party. >> bill: and violence. >> you think rhetoric has nothing to do with this? nothing at all? no connection? >> bill: this is what i think the man is a zealot. all right? >> agreed. >> bill: is he using and abusing his position as a sheriff.
11:17 pm
>> i thought we were talking about the killer. >> bill: point of view. all right? and two down sides. all right, number one, he ignites this whole thing because he did. number two, he obscures the investigation. he obscures it. i think it's wrong on both counts. >> why are we sitting here talking about him instead of talking about what we do -- >> bill: neutralize people like him. >> he makes you nervous? >> bill: he doesn't make me nervous. he makes me angry. >> what he is saying make you nervous. >> bill: our job at the factor is to spotlight people harming the country and dupnik harming the country. >> there are people harming the country much greater than this guy. >> bill: we don't ignore dupnik context of a major story. >> you might have more influence over those people. >> bill: secretary clinton is in the persian gulf. she talks about this case. roll the tape. >> we have extremists in my country. a wonderful, incredibly brave young woman congress member,
11:18 pm
congresswoman giffords was just shot by an extremist in our country. we have the same kinds of problems. so, rather than standing off from each other, we should work to try to prevent the extremists anywhere from being able to commit violence. >> bill: all right. so you have a beef with that? >> this was one of the most outrageous statements i have ever heard from a united states secretary of state on foreign soil. not only that in an arab country, drawing a moral or any other kind of equivalent between a lone psychopath who shot up a safeway in tucson, arizona, with islamic terrorists who are operating as part of a global islamic jihadi movement, attacking and targeting american citizens and-westerners and fellow muslims all across the globe part of command to kill the infidel. that kind of equivalence has no place in the american conversation and certainly should not be coming out of the
11:19 pm
mouth of the woman who is supposed to be tending it our diplomatic reels. >> bill: alicia? >> dr. crowley, give me a break. i think what she is trying to say here in every society you have people who do not speak for the full society. you are right. this was a wacko. someone so far out there. he is separate from our society. i think to draw the parallel of the fact that we have american terrorists here at home as well as we had extremists abroad is actually a very healthy and productive conversation to have. >> mr. loughner is not a terrorist. >> he amassed terror on the united states. >> he a mass murderer who committed a horrific crime. >> were you terrorized? >> alicia acts of crime in this country are different than acts of war. >> terrorism is defined by us being terrorized and i can tell you i felt terrorized. >> acts of war. >> bill: ladies, very interesting. i want the people to make up their own mind about hillary clinton. you can go either way on it, i think. directly ahead, john stossel says no, new laws are needed to protect politicians from crazy
11:20 pm
people. and then, elisabeth hasselbeck she got into it with high schoolie goldberg on the view today. >> there is no one to blame except the person behind the gun. >> bill: miss hasselbeck will be here. we will be back with those reports. [ female announcer ] alli works when you work. so if you go from a croissant with butter to a whole wheat roll with olive oil, you'll go from roughly 16 grams of fat to about 6. take alli with that, and you're down to 4.5. alli helps you reach a healthier weight, when you get active, eat right, and take alli. alli will block about 25% of the fat you eat. and for every two pounds you work to lose, alli can help you lose one more. fda-approved alli -- how healthy works. learn more at can a trading site help make you a sharper trader? mine can. td ameritrade can. they've got trading specialists i can call for help. and paper trading. free practice trading that helps me hone my technique. complex options. and free tutorials. online or in person.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight along with everyone else. our pal john following the political ramifications of the arizona murder. he joins us now. what you have picked up from your libertarian viewpoint? >> well, i don't know if it's libertarian or just my experience as a reporter. but i'm upset by how much hysterical coverage we're giving. this i agree with you that the politics of it are disgusting. and one new one today i heard jane fonda saying palin holds responsibility. it's just wrong and we shouldn't be going down that road. >> bill: are you shocked that jane fonda would come down? >> i didn't know she was still saying these things. >> bill: yeah, she is. >> you are saying we ought to have new laws. >> bill: i said if they come up with new laws i think we should consider them because i knew you were going to hit me with that i have come up with a new law that i think might be worthy and i want to get your opinion on it i believe the u.s. marshal department should be expanded. okay, u.s. marshals. and that each congress person, when they go out on the road, should have access to a u.s. marshal to accompany them. i would support that.
11:24 pm
would you? >> well, my understanding is already if a congress person thinks there is a threat and asks for security, they can get it. >> bill: yes. but they don't have enough marshals. the marshals are primarily doing sky jack duty on the planes. i want to expand the marshal cadre and make sure there are plenty of marshals to accompany all federal politicians if they feel they need it. >> well, maybe that's reasonable. but. >> bill: thank you, it is. >> you want to expand -- everybody wants to expand. >> bill: i don't want to expand anything. that's a targeted approach that the federal government could do with not a lot of money that would provide more security. look, this congresswoman didn't have any security there. civilians had to wrestle this guy to the ground. >> it's a relatively safe country. >> bill: it's not. i have to have security now. >> more people want to kill you than kill her. >> bill: that's true. but if a congress person or a senator feels uneasy, they
11:25 pm
should have access to the u.s. marshal service. let's expand it. that's common sense. >> i think they have too much security now. i was on cnbc with treasury secretary snow. he had four secret service guys there with him. they were saying you move to this room. you get out of here. i mean, people don't even know who he is. more people want to kill me than kill him. >> bill: maybe that's overdoing it. i don't know what the. >> look what's being proposed. representative king you had him on this he can would. he wants to make it illegal to bring a gun within 1,000 feet of a government official. that would make guns illegal in washington again. >> bill: they could pat them down. i see what he is trying to do. >> 1,000 feet? >> bill: look. i think that that might be a little draconian to have that kind of a law. but i think that security is definitely needed in this age that we live in. >> why this age? this age is safer than any other age. there are fewer assassinations now. >> bill: the crime stats, you are right. >> assassinations, too.
11:26 pm
>> bill: but it's the ill logic of the crimes. internet driven craziness going on around us. and,d, aga. again.>> there has n craziness. look at all the presidents who were. >> bill: you don't think there is any security mechanisms or anything. >> i think we have enough. we have plenty. we have too much. take out some of these barriers we have in pennsylvania. >> bill: dupnik screaming and yelling. why didn't very his guys down there to protect him? why didn't dupnik have his guys down there to protect him? he had nobody down there. >> they can't be everywhere. >> bill: that's right. >> you can't stop every crazy person. >> bill: the marshals could do it. >> why did we cover it so much. there two other shootings this year that killed more people. >> bill: absolutely huge story. this congresswoman was well-liked. 9-year-old girl goes down and dupnik comes out and does this. >> congresswoman saying they are more person than any other person? i don't think so. >> bill: not more important. what we need in our democracy is for the politicians to be able to go and see their constituents. >> they largely can.
11:27 pm
>> bill: stossel, everybody. charles krauthammer will analyze the killer loughner. as you may know charles is a psychiatrist as well as a political guy. also, elisabeth hasselbeck debated whoopi goldberg about the situation today on "the view." miss has ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell
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♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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♪ hah >> bill: personal story segment tonight, "the view" ladies weighed in on the arizona mass murder today. >> i also think it's unfortunate that we can give an alibi or an excuse to someone who is mad,
11:30 pm
goes in and takes the lives of people who are innocent just trying to take part in the system and give the alibi of the devil made me do it. it's not okay to do that either. there is no excuse. there is no one to blame except the person behind the gun. >> yes. but here is an interesting thing. when i was growing up, people talking and saying things, whipping folks up, caused a lot of people to get lynched. now, had those people not done all of that, would it have happened anyway? it may have. i don't know. >> bill: okay. here now elisabeth hasselbeck author of the book the g-free diet. gluten free survival guide in paper bag. do you think whoopi goldberg has a point. >> in the context saying absolutely people are influenced. >> bill: if i had been on the program this is what i would have said to her before she walked off.
11:31 pm
[ laughter ] >> bill: i would have said that point is irrelevant because the lynching stuff was a very specific thing done by the klan and other racists that said these people don't deserve this live. this guy raped a white woman. very specific to the individual. >> sure. >> bill: that's what she was talking about. that absolutely happened. she was absolutely right. people would go into communities. they would whip up the local populace by saying very specific charges against very specific people. that's not what this is about. this is a blanket, a blanket thrown in by this crazy sheriff down there and picked up by the far left people that said people like palin and people like bachmann and glenn beck and o'reilly and limbaugh all are responsible. i'm saying to them this is so grossly unfair. barbara walters was good on this. she picked up right away. >> she was incredibly fair on the matter and level headed. unfortunate. the law enforcement individual
11:32 pm
in a position of power in a profession where evidence is mandatory to prosecute anybody. yet, there is no evidence to back up anything he is saying. >> bill: nothing. >> nothing, nothing, nothing. >> bill: dissem bled him on tuesday which i think is why he hasn't been back on the fox news channel. joy behar was not in attendance. she is out at the miss america contest. >> she is in vegas. >> bill: if she had been there would have ganged up on you because certainly, you can't be 100% sure but her whole philosophy is take the far left position and run with it and the far left position is these terrible conservatives caused or helped cause this awful mass murder. so, that's why the conversation will tone down. >> it may and it may have gone there but we will never know. >> bill: feel ganged up on because goldberg and behar, behar much more extreme than goldberg but basically of the similar mind and you are the only conservative on the panel, sherri and barbara are kind of
11:33 pm
in the middle. >> i never feel ganged up on. i feel like it's an open forum with people who are willing to hear one another. we are comfortable with one another. there is no polite chitchat that's for sure. we are calm enough. >> bill: you don't feel ganged up on,. >> no, never. >> bill: you have them coming at you. >> i have two kids under 5 and a half. i do want to say one thing. the impact that the sheriff's statements do have. some words can effect. i think he is creating more dangerous situation for us by providing this justification that someone in the future could use the right devil made me do it. bill jody foster shoot reagan. jody foster. the actress. that's how whole insane this has been. >> insurance policy to someone in the future may take their wrath and take someone's life with it i think it's unfortunate and the irony it's coming from a
11:34 pm
law enforcement individual and sad and unfortunate. >> bill: what kind of mail do you get? because i'm assessing that theview audience primarily liberal, urban. does that reflect your mail? >> i mean, i think there there is obviously a pope periof mail that comes in. >> you don't look at it. >> i don't. it's a discipline i have to say. i used to in the first year. >> bill: you are out there with rosie o'donnell. "the view" is skewing left and you are the conservative. now, i'm very curious about this. gluten. that's bread, right? >> it's a protein found in barley, oats, wheat and rye. >> bill: i don't eat barley. i don't go to the restaurant and say i want barley please. >> it's found in bread. most normal bread is made of wheat. >> bill: should i not eat it. >> if you have sill yack disease. you most certainly should not. autoimmune disease. many people who adopt a gluten free diet actually find incredible results.
11:35 pm
>> bill: like you. >> i have silliac disease. >> bill: you weren't feeling well and you started to eat lizards and you felt better. >> the lizards didn't make me sick. they were fine. >> bill: the bread, you found out the bread was killing you. >> i did. i came back and started getting sick again. i found out i had been missing a diagnosis. it is save our system a ton of money. >> bill: if you are not feeling well, do get diagnosed about food allergies and this and that. it is a serious subject. that's what your book is all about. thanks for coming in here. nice to see you again. how long will it take the government to prosecute the killer jared loughner is it legal is investigating. and then charles krauthammer a psychiatrist who annualized loughner and the political posturing surrounding the gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the legal segment tonight as you know 22-year-old jared loughner being held without bail in a federal facility out of phoenix. jennifer griffin has detained -- obtained homeland security memo. the suspect says quote the suspect's mother works for the pima county board of supervisors. the suspect has multiple arrests. but no criminal record. intervention by someone? interesting question in light of sheriff dupnik's behavior in pima county.
11:39 pm
loughner's lawyer is judy clark in san diego. chances are the trial is going to take a long time. with us is kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. this clark represented zacharias moussaoui, the 20th hijacker whose trial took four years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. >> um-huh. >> bill: in virginia. correct? >> that's right. >> bill: so how did clark get on loughner's team and how long do you think this dog and pony show is going to be? >> it's going to go on for a long time. first of all she is on a panel preapproved for death penalty cases. not that many lawyers out there that has the experience she has. >> bill: panel of lawyers in the country preapproved by the federal government. >> that's exactly right. >> bill: to represent defendants in death penalty cases. >> death penalty cases. >> bill: so the feds we are paying for his lawyer. >> we are paying for it. she was assigned to him. veteran defense lawyer of death penalty cases. she had timothy mcveigh as you
11:40 pm
know and the unabomber and susan smith. the woman who drove her two children. >> bill: all those two people got convicted and she didn't do anything to get them off. >> no, she did. except for mcvey she got them life. they are serving life in prison rather than death. >> that's a win for a defense lawyer. that's a big deal. >> that is a big deal. >> after all of these years, that was the ultimate outcome. he she basically took the death penalty off the table. life without parole. i expect that's going to be helper play in this case. >> bill: let me ask you something. according to the constitution, we should have speedy trials. >> that's correct. >> bill: speedy. zacarias moussaoui four years. how long do you think this is going to go? is this going to be speedy? >> i don't think there is going to be anything speedy about it. >> bill: this is exactly the way i feel out there. i would try the guy next week. we saw it. here's what happened. 80 guys. i don't care what he pleads.
11:41 pm
next week, you show up, here is your lawyer, judy, here is our case. see ya. >> sixth amendment right for the speedy trial is for the accused to say hey, government, you can't drag this out and keep me in trial. >> bill: it doesn't say that it says speedy. it doesn't say for the defendant. that's what you say. >> it's interpreted that way, bill. >> bill: i don't care. i want speedy. >> reasonable argument. how about the victim's right and the people's right. >> bill: i don't want to spend $800 million on this clown. >> for him to plead guilty. >> bill: clark's fee is going to be, you know, more than a million dollars if they drag this thing out. >> not just clark's fee but i think she is going to try the insanity defense. then you have all the doctors to pay for. >> bill: next start next week. >> it's not going to start. by the time you go through the all the psychological evaluations. >> bill: we can do that fast. we will get ablow. keith ablow go down.
11:42 pm
krauthammer coming up next he will go down. >> it doesn't happen that way. >> take a long time. and purposely the defense does this. they want as much time and distance between the incident, between the murders and attempted murders and the actual trial. >> bill: emotion goes down for the trial. >> age the case and every defense attorney does it. >> bill: why should age play into this. >> the judge should move the case along. >> bill: now they have to bring in a judge from outside of arizona. i think that's okay. i think that's okay. because there was a federal judge murdered. >> that's right. >> bill: everybody knew him. bring in another federal judge. okay? >> you can still try the judge in that district. >> she doesn't want it tried in arizona. >> bill: i wouldn't do that. i would bring in a federal judge from outside the state. >> 9th circuit. >> bill: you heard at the top of the program that this dupnik, the sheriff, that arpaio thinks that what he said may be introduced into the trial, that this psychopath was influenced by whatever talk radio show he was listening to or other cable
11:43 pm
station. do you think that's a possibility. >> i think it's a possibility. >> bill: they might use him. >> they might use it, absolutely. anything to muddy the water. >> bill: anything. >> to inflammatory. highly prejudicial. should not be allowed to put it in. grossly irresponsible to make a statement like that. >> bill: you agree with that. >> 100%. he should have realized what he was doing. >> repercussions like that. wrong to mess up a criminal trial. >> bill: he should have shut up, why? he is an american isn't he entitled to his opinion. >> is he entitled as law enforcement officer he should better. he should know what he says is going to be used against -- >> bill: both you guys are former prosecutors. i hope the audience knows. this you are prosecuting the case and the sheriff in the county gives a killer an excuse. basically gives an excuse that this guy was so unbalanced that guys like o'reilly because of what they do on their program, we pushed him over that line so
11:44 pm
he got his glock and he shot 16 people, killing six of them. because he may have heard something somewhere. this is a sheriff saying this. >> it's outrageous. he is saying essentially the public commentary by people in the media, television and politicians purposely directed these comments that resulted in the massacre that occurred. you can imagine? >> the crazy thing about all of this is he is a sheriff. is he not just some citizen with a first amendment right spouting out this stuff. this is a law enforcement guy you would think would work hand in hand with the prosecutors in many cases. >> bill: is he sanctioned at all? is there anything that can happen to him? can he be impeached. >> he can be reprimanded for investigation. >> bill: the attorney general of arizona. >> i think they would have already done that if they were going to do that. >> bill: i don't know. the governor is pretty mad. >> not only that i want to make another point about the death penalty. eric holder is going to decide whether or not the death penalty will be sought in this case. >> bill: he has to say that if holder did that. the country would erupt.
11:45 pm
>> also, the prosecutors can't take that off the table. once holder says this is a capital case, the prosecutors can't take that. >> bill: has to take the capital case. premeditated 9-year-old girl. if holder ever did that -- >> by the way insanity defense should fail in this case because of the specific statements showing intent and premeditation ahead of these acts. so it's not going to be able to fly either. >> bill: all right, ladies. thanks very much. we appreciate it. charles krauthammer as mentioned, a psychiatrist, will analyze the psychopath loughner and comment on some of the loons politicizing the situation.
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, as you may know political analyst dr. charles krauthammer is a board certified psychiatrist educated at the harvard medical school. dr. krauthammer doesn't often wearp that hat but tonight would like to weigh in on the mass murderer arer jared loughner. obviously you haven't examined the guy talked to the guy. you see his mugshot. what else have you been able to pick up. >> there is a ton of evidence about this guy. there is not a shred of it support paranoid -- blame it on sarah palin. fox news, the health care debate or whatever. all the evidence points to somebody who is deeply, mentally disturbed.
11:49 pm
you get the evidence of the professors and classmates, one of his professors said that this guy's thoughts were completely unrelated from this world. you got that from other classmates. you got that from the content. this is not a guy who is reticent. this is a guy who did postings, videos, all kinds of statements. and this -- was not a guy concerned about health care reform. he was concerned about government controlling minds through grammar. there is guy who talked about conscious dreaming which to me sounds like hallucinations. this is a guy who where every sign points to paranoid schizophrenia. i haven't practiced in a long time but i have been in the presence of and had patients who were. paranoid schizophrenics and let me tell you that it's something you don't forget. in his case, he has got all the signs. i think it is simply crazy that we are debating the irrelevant, the political climate that supposedly caused these actions,
11:50 pm
when this is a guy who lived in his own self-created climate. his own world. >> bill: well, the delusional world in which he lived is one that i have to say a lot of people live. you know, there are a lot of people walking around and the united states laws you cannot -- you cannot incarcerate people because of strange behavior, stuff they put on facebook. you just can't. you have to wait until they act. >> and that's the debate we ought to be having. i agree with you. the incidence of schizophrenia is 1%. it's not an insignificant number. 1% of the population is quite high. >> bill: 30 million people. >> what that means is that you have got people walking around and you see it. i have been for 30 years i have been concerned about how we treat the homeless. a large number of the homeless are clearly homeless not because of poverty or bad luck but because they are mentally ill. talking to themselves. et cetera.
11:51 pm
>> bill: yeah. and in the reagan years they let them out. i misspoke it's 3 million people not 30 million people. >> it started in the kennedy area with the deinstitutionalization which was supposedly inhumane. today what we are doing with insistence on individual autonomy and the reluctance to want to put anybody into commitment is that the homeless are dying on the street, freezing on the streets with their rights on in a way. and what we're doing with the dangerous mentally ill like this loughner guy, is leaving him loose in society, like the virginia tech killer, remember him? there were all kinds of signs about derangement in him. but, with our laws, it is so hard to commit somebody against his will that they have -- you know, when there were five incidents in the college that loughner was in, five encounters with the police, the campus police, one of his professors said "can't you do anything?"
11:52 pm
and they answered, "we can't do anything until he does something." >> bill: until he does something. >> now he has done it and it's too late. >> bill: all right. let's transfer your psychiatric insights over to the people who have exploited this for political gain. number one, we established last night that this is just morally repugnant to do that. we have a 9-year-old girl dead and you are trying to make political points. what is their neurosis? >> well, i'm not going to analyze dupnik. he can't afford my rates. i don't want to talk about the psychology of writers who obviously are not -- psychotic. i think psychiatry has a lot to say about serious mental illness and psychosis. i don't think it has a lot to say about neurosis, which is a term that's not even used. let me just approach them as people who are writing public figures. what they have done is to cynically seize upon a terrible tragedy and to willfully ignore
11:53 pm
the evidence and use it as a political club. i think actually it's not working. there is a poll now that 57% of americans disagree with this idea that somehow there is a climate out there which impowered loughner to act. it's healthy that a majority of americans see that therefore, they would see how cynical are the attempts on the left to turn this into a political event. >> bill: all right. so you subscribe it to cynicism and nothing more? >> yeah. cynicism. willful ignorance and in some cases malice. >> bill: okay. charles, thanks very much. we appreciate it pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight, starring jon stewart yet again. right back with p and p. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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were disappointed when we ran out, now we have them. priced moderately so get them while we have them. check out the new where do you stand poll questions on they are fun. now to the mail: >> bill: because it is no big deal. mr. obama was referring to a line in the untouchables movie. he was making a political point. if i criticize president obama i would be doing the same thin the loons are doing. do you guys get that? >> bill: i think i'm for real. you want to hate mr. obama, that's your choice. my analysis of that remark that he made is accurate. he made absolutely in context,
11:57 pm
chicago political competition, come on! >> bill: that's nicely put, very good. signed copy of pinheads and patriots on the way. >> bill: bull der -- steve. telling with you what is going on in the country is my job. i prove with facts not speculation.
11:58 pm
>> bill: what these loons are doing is too big to be ignored. i have to report what is going on in the country. >> bill: that starts tomorrow night. he's supposed to give a big address in arizona. >> bill: i appreciate that. i tried give it a little panache when i recorded it. if you become a premium mber we'll send you the cd or the book, free. finally pinheads and patriots our pal jon stewart weighed in on the arizona situation. >> we live in a complex
11:59 pm
ecosystem, i wouldn't blame our political rhetoric any more than i would blame heavy metal music for columbine. >> bill: is mr. stewart's analysis pinheaded or patriotic? please vote on last night we told you george clooney said the obama administration could do more to help the people in sudan. he said that on cnn. >> they were very good early on. they sort of dropped the ball about a year. understandable there are a few things going on in the united states that had to be taken care of. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news website. if you came in late we had an explosive talking points memo on the arizona situation. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world


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